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 We’re happy to announce that we are remodeling our studio!

In order for us to remain operating, the remodel will be completed in phases. 


We are very excited for the up and coming changes.

Here are some things we have planned...



The eyes to our studio and the warmest welcome to your day, you will walk into our lobby feeling energized and ready to begin you workout. But before you enter  to our private facility, feel free to check out the LG Merch we have available. Active wear never looked so good!


We are excited to announce the newest addition to the studio - Our Women's Boutique Locker Room.

Equipped with a spacious shower so you don't have to take the extra trip home after your workout to get ready for your day. We also have 24 lockers where members can safely store personal belongings during class. Across from the lockers is a vanity full of amenities. We realize our clients may forget a thing or two, but not to worry because we have them covered (hair ties, cotton balls, Q Tips, Feminine products,  hairspray, body mist and MORE). 


PHASE III - Strength Circuit Room (COMPLETE)

This room is equipped with 9 brand new Free Motion machines. This top of the line equipment allows movement in multiple directions, as compared to standard weight machines, which move in a fixed path. Research has found that these machines provide better benefits than standard machines. Classes are held in this room every Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat.

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PHASE IV: Cardio Room

Our new cardio room! We said we are putting up walls, but also tearing some down! This spacious room will have a NYC vibe with great lighting, awesome surround sound  and of course, brand new state of the art equipment.  

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